BIO: As a committed learner, you will always find Clark Campbell buried in twitter feeds, articles, books, and conversations about tomorrow’s dreams. But there are a few consistencies in his life; his beautiful & talented wife Kristen and their child, Emma Claire.



Thanks for stopping by! My name is Benjamin Clark Campbell but, as most of you know, I go by ‘Clark.’ I am married to my best friend, Kristen, and I am love struck by a little girl, my daughter, whose name is, Emma Claire, born in September of 2011.  I could write a traditional bio but my influences paint a clearer picture of who I am than a self-descriptive paragraph.

Cultural Influences:

I have roots in the deep South because both sides of my parents are from the Gulf Coast. My mother’s family migrated to Rhode Island in the 60’s so I’ve been cultured by wicked-good friends & family in New England. I lived in Rhode Island for 9 years, Atlanta, GA for 9 years and I’ve lived in the Chattanooga, TN region for the last 12 years.

Educational Influences: 

I had great educational experiences in Atlanta, Rhode Island, and then at college at one of the largest private, comprehensive universities in Tennessee, Lee University. I studied Music with an applied emphasis in saxophone and church music. I was most shaped as a leader, husband, father, thinker and doer during my time at Lee. I traveled nationally and internationally with the Lee University Singers and the Lee University Symphonic Band. [30+ States, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Tortola, South Africa, Botswana, Fiji, Australia, Mexico and Canada]. I have taken a few graduate courses and plan to further my education during my 30’s.

Career Influences: 

I am passionate about leadership and organizational culture in large churches, small churches, major retail, and large restaurant chains. You can find a more thorough picture of my career influences by checking out my Linked-in profile.

I don’t hire subs for everything!

Here are the deliverables I lead and manage:


Before web,  events were limited to people in attendance. Before social, events were broadcast over the interwebs. Today, we invite people in to our experience in digital form via real-time social media interactions.


If your social strategy is stuck at square one, we help you make sense of the chaos so that you can speak with confidence to your digital community. Our coaching might be 1-on-1 or via digital meetings like google hangout or skype.


We leverage WordPress, which powers more than 17% of the web — a figure that rises every day. Everything from simple websites, to blogs, to complex enterprise websites.

Social Media

Social advertising is labeled by leading marketing professionals as, “the most powerful + inexpensive form of advertising on the planet right now.” If you’re not leveraging it, you’re loosing sales.

Maximizing Social Presence

Most leaders understand the value of reaching their digital communities but are at a standstill. They ask questions like,

  • “Which social media channel should we use?”
  • “How do we gain new customers and followers?”

But the real questions are, “how do we understand our audience and how do we create measurable actions through great content?”